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Isthmus district planning maps explanatory notes

Auckland Council District Plan - Operative Auckland City - Isthmus Section 1999 explanatory notes

  1. This set of planning maps relates to the  Isthmus section of the Auckland City District Plan.
  2. The planning maps show the location of activity zones, public works and other constraints on land development.
  3. The information relating to particular areas is distributed between three maps:
    • Planning map 1 defines the zoning
    • Planning maps 2 and 3 define additional limitations on the use of land, like public works and other controls.
  4. All additional limitations or other controls identified on planning maps 2 and 3 have been defined by an item number in a circle: Circle with number 17 inside.
    and are referred to in Appendix A of these maps.
  5. Where an additional limitation or other control occurs on more than one map, its item number is shown on the primary reference map as a number in a circle: Circle with number 17 inside.On the secondary reference map, both the item number and primary map number are shown in a circle with text inside: Circle with text 'D06' and '17' inside. Items are ordered in the Appendix A by map number followed by item number, e.g. D06-17. Where necessary, detailed diagrams of scheduled items are shown in Appendices B and C to these maps.
  6. North point is vertical.
  7. The property boundaries shown on the planning maps are indicative only.
  8. The number inside the triangle refers to the plan modification number:

    Triangle with number 71 inside.On maps this is supported by hatching to show the size of the area affected.
  9. Where a site is subject to a notice of appeal(s), the Auckland City Council appeal file reference number is noted in a box: Square with number 411 inside.On maps this is supported by hatching to show the size of the area affected.
  10. The reader must refer to the relevant Notice of Appeal or Plan Modification (available from us) to determine how a particular proposal is affected by any changes.

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