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Ngā tino mahere papa rēhia

Park masterplans

Park masterplans outline the vision for a park and seek to support historical, cultural, environmental and recreational values. These plans guide long-term improvements in a park.

Park masterplan phases

We update this page as more masterplans are developed so you can track the status of the masterplan for parks you are interested in.

In-progress plans

We are currently working through these phases for the masterplans.


This plan is currently in the research phase:

  • Olympic Park Masterplan

In this phase, we collect and consider information about the park, including park values and possible site issues.

We ask key stakeholders, current users and mana whenua to join the initial engagement.

We also encourage the community to share their feedback and ideas with their local board.

Finally, we identify principles to guide our development of the masterplan.


  • No plans are currently at this phase of the process.

During this phase, we draft the masterplan using the information gathered.

Public consultation opens

  • No plans are currently at this phase of the process.

We invite the public to have their say on the draft masterplan.

As we consider this feedback, we may make changes to the draft.

Plan consultation closes

  • No plans are currently at this phase of the process.

We review the submissions when public consultation on the draft masterplan closes. A report summarising the written submission is then presented to the local board.

Implementation planning

  • No plans are currently at this phase of the process.

This phase identifies key short- and long-term actions to deliver the masterplan.

We consider costs and possible implications.

The local board then receives a report with recommended amendments to the masterplan and uses this information to decide whether to adopt it.

Adopted plans

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