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Ngā whakahaerenga tauākī a te Hoahoa Whakatōpū o Tāmaki Makaurau

Auckland Unitary Plan declaration proceedings

​The purpose of declarations

Declarations are a type of application made to the Environment Court.

The purpose of a declaration is to get judicial direction on certain disputed matters, which may include:

  • the existence or extent of any function, power, right or duty under the RMA
  • whether a provision in the Auckland Unitary Plan carries out a national policy statement or national planning standard
  • whether there is any inconsistency between Auckland Unitary Plan provisions
  • whether an act or omission contravenes the RMA, a rule in a plan, a rule for a designation or heritage order, or a resource consent.

For more information, see sections 310 to 313 of the Resource Management Act 1991.

Applications for declarations filed in the Environment Court

​Date lodged ​Environment Court # ​Applicant


9 July 2024 ​ENV-2024-AKL-000

​Cato Bolam Consultants Limited

Better Living Landscapes Limited

Warkworth Surveying Limited

Fluker Surveying Limited

Buckton Consulting Surveyors Limited
Terra Nova Planning Limited

Parallaz Consultants Limited

​24 July 2017 ​ENV-2017-AKL-000105 ​Auckland Council (PDF 195KB)
15 September 2017 ENV-2017-AKL-000136​ ​Cato Bolam Consultants Ltd. (PDF 1.7MB)
​8 October 2018 ​ENV-2018-AKL-000276

​Tūpuna Maunga o Tāmaki Makaurau Authority


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