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Review of Development Contributions Policy 2019

Our Development Contributions Policy is updated regularly to account for projected growth, revision to capital budgets and any policy changes responding to the current environment.

Development Contributions Policy 2022

The current Development Contributions Policy became effective from January 2019.

Public consultation on a new Development Contributions Policy took place from 20 September 2021 to 17 October 2021. This new policy has now been adopted will take effect from January 2022.

You can find the latest agendas and committee meeting minutes relating to the new policy on Infocouncil.

The policy update will:

  • support growth by collecting contributions to fund infrastructure investment within investment priority areas, which include; the Inner Northwest, City Rail Link stations and Auckland Housing Programme areas (Tāmaki, Mangere, Northcote, Oranga, and Mt Roskill)
  • be put in place in stages over the next 15 months
  • defer an increase in contributions levels for Drury until June 2022 to give developers more time to get information and make further submissions
  • keep the current payment timing, which is six to 12 months after the building consent is granted
  • support development of Māori land through Cultural Initiatives Fund grants and exempting not-for-profit development (such as reserves) on Māori land from contributions.

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