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Te kaupapa mahi hei Whakahou i te pūnaha Waimarangai ki Stanmore Road

Stanmore Road stormwater upgrade project

We're upgrading and replacing the ageing stormwater and wastewater pipes in Grey Lynn to improve water quality at Cox’s Bay in the Waitematā Harbour and reduce flooding.

Network separation and new stormwater system

This project is part of the Western Isthmus Water Quality Improvement programme.

The Grey Lynn stormwater catchment is a combination of separated and combined wastewater and stormwater networks that drain into Cox's Creek.

We are installing approximately 350 metres of new stormwater pipes along Wilton Road, Stanmore Road and Francis Street.

What the project will do

This work will:

  • significantly reduce the risk of flooding to residential and commercial properties in Stanmore Road
  • minimise wastewater and sewerage overflows
  • rehabilitate the very old stormwater pipe on Francis Street
  • improve the environment for people, birds and marine life
  • provide long-lasting value to Auckland and contribute to improved water quality in our streams and waterways.

Building the pipeline

We will use a tunnel boring machine (TBM) to dig the pipeline and limit disruption to local residents.

We will construct six temporary shafts to launch and retrieve the TBM along the pipeline route.

Once the pipes are in the tunnel, we will seal them using a hydraulic jack.

Temporary shaft locations

  • Shaft 1: within the road reserve by 29 Wilton Street.
  • Shaft 2: within the road reserve by 25 Wilton Street.
  • Shaft 3: within the road reserve at the corner of Wilton Street and Stanmore Road.
  • Shaft 4: inside private property at 43 Stanmore Road.
  • Shaft 5: within the road reserve by 35 Francis Street.
  • Shaft 6: inside private property at 29 Francis Street.

Project timeline

This project will run from January until December 2023.

We expect to build shafts 1, 2 and 3 by April 2023.

We will start construction for shafts 4, 5 and 6 in mid-2023. A small section of this pipeline will be installed using open trenching.

Daily impacts

Construction hours will be Monday to Friday, from 7am until 6pm.

There will be some construction noise during work hours, as well as vibrations and possibly dust.

We will closely monitor noise, dust and vibrations to ensure they remain within required limits.

Road closures

The intersection of Stanmore Road and 23 Wilton Street will be closed from January until October 2023.

When works begin on Francis Street, a temporary road closure will be put in place.

Our worksite will be located on Wilton Street.

Further information

Email if you have questions about the project.

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