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Awakeri Wetlands stormwater improvement project

This project will improve flood-prone areas in Takanini and enable more homes to be built.

Stormwater channel

A new stormwater channel, approximately 2.3 km long, is being built to improve flood-prone areas in Takanini and enable more homes to be built.

The channel will form a natural stream and wetland surrounded by public recreation areas. It will include boardwalks and shared cycle and pathways.

Awakeri Wetlands (Takanini Cascades) will have open green spaces with thousands of native plants to support revitalised natural habitats and ecologies on the stream banks and wetland areas.

Channel construction timeline

Stormwater channel construction

Construction of the Awakeri Wetlands Stage 1A (pictured above) - between Grove Road, Walters Road, and Cosgrave Road - started in April 2018. We anticipate this will be complete by 2020.

As part of Stage 1A, the Walters Road culvert began in April 2018 and was completed in August 2018.

Initial work, such as building demolition and construction of an in-ground barrier, was completed in January 2018.

The next stage of the channel, from Cosgrave Road to Old Wairoa Road, will begin in 2021 and continue to 2023.

Construction hours

Working hours on the site are from 7.30am to 6pm Monday to Saturday.

Some work outside these hours may be required, but we will notify affected residents in these cases. Noise levels and truck movements will be kept within acceptable limits.

Project updates

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