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Te hinonga whakapai ake wai tupuhi o ngā Rohe Kōreporepo o Awakeri

Awakeri Wetlands stormwater improvement project

This project will improve flood-prone areas in Takanini and enable more homes to be built.

About the project

Uncovered rakau (kauri logs) in the Awakeri wetland channel

Awakeri Wetlands is part of our investment of more than $100 million in the Takanini Integrated Stormwater Solution.

The project will make the area safer from flooding and open up land for housing.

The 3km urban wetland will filter and clean stormwater, improving water quality in the nearby Manukau Harbour and creating a habitat for native bird, lizard and fish species.

The wetland channel has used an innovative design to recreate an ancient kauri repo or swamp.

Giant ancient rakau (kauri logs) uncovered during construction have been left in place.

The environment has also been enhanced by the planting of over 150,000 eco-sourced plants and trees, and reintroducing two previously extinct plant species back into the area.

The programme includes several projects:

Awakeri Wetlands placemaking

This project is to create public amenity within the project areas including:

  • play and recreation areas
  • outdoor classroom and education areas
  • signage.

This project is in progress.

Awakeri Wetlands stage 2

This is a culvert underneath Cosgrave Road to connect the stage 1 and stage 3 channels.

This project is in design. Construction is due to start in 2022-2023.

Awakeri Wetlands stage 3

This is a 1km wetland between Cosgrave Road and Old Wairoa Road, collecting stormwater from neighbouring properties.

This project is in design.

Artillery Drive tunnel

This is a 1.1km long stormwater tunnel to increase capacity and connect to the existing network.

This project is complete.

Grove Road box culvert

This is a 500m long box culvert taking water from Awakeri Wetlands through McLennan Park and connecting to the Artillery Drive tunnel.

This project is complete.

Awakeri Wetlands stage 1

This is a 2.3km urban wetland between Walters, Cosgrave and Grove roads that connects into the Grove Road culvert and Artillery Drive tunnel.

This project is complete.

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