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Tāpiringa wāriu rawa whenua

Supplementary property valuations

Why we send supplementary property valuation notices

The value of your property may be reviewed between general revaluations, if there are any significant changes made to the property, such as:

  • issue of a new Computer Register (Record of Title), or a building consent will automatically trigger a valuation review
  • amalgamation of more than one piece of land
  • addition of new buildings
  • addition to, alteration, or demolition of an existing building.

We may review your valuation and amend your rates if an error is found that would result in a significant change to the value of your property.

If your property value changes between general revaluations, we will send you a supplementary valuation notice.

A supplementary valuation is not a current market valuation. We will review your rating valuation in line with the rating valuations of comparable properties, which all have the same effective date of 1 July 2017.


Object to the new valuation

If you don't agree with the valuation of your property you can object online.

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