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Object to our valuation of a property

Whakahē i te wāriutanga o tētahi rawa whenua

If you don't agree with the value of a property, you can object to it before the objection due date on your valuation notice.

You should know

The objection period for the 2021 general revaluation closed on 22 April 2022.
We expect to finish processing all revaluation objections by the end of 2023.
You will be notified of the outcome of your objection in writing.

Guide to objecting to our valuation of a property

​To make a valid property valuation objection, you must be a ratepayer and provide a reason why you are objecting. You can object if you think a property valuation is incorrect, but not because of the effect a valuation has on your rates.

Not all property values change in the same way. For example, flats may sell differently than apartments, houses or shops. Many other factors affect a property’s value, such as age, size, construction and location.

All properties, including leasehold, are valued as if they were freehold.