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1. Before you start

We need to receive your objection by the objection due date on your valuation notice. It is approximately six weeks from when the new values are published.

You should know

The objection period for the 2021 general revaluation closed on 22 April 2022.

You can object to only one property valuation at a time.

You must inform the owner of the property (if you are not the owner) that you are objecting to the valuation of their property.

​Review of your objection to valuation

A valuer will review all values for a property (capital value, land value, value of improvements) as part of an objection.

As a result of your objection, the value of your property could go up or down or it may not change.

Changing the value of a property may result in a change of rates for that property.


Correct other information on the valuation notice

If the property information on your valuation notice is wrong, you can correct it by using our online rating information database (RID) objection form.