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How to cancel or change a direct debit

Our tip

​Allow at least 10 working days, before the next direct debit payment is due, to cancel or change your direct debit.


​You can update or cancel your direct debits for your properties using myAUCKLAND. 

Login to myAUCKLAND

 By phone

​Call 09 301 0101 to cancel or change a direct debit over the phone.

 By email

To change the frequency of your direct debit payments, update your bank account suffix, or cancel your direct debit, email us at with:

  • your name
  • your address
  • your phone number
  • the account number you use for payment.
If you want to change the account that your direct debit is drawn from, fill in the Authority to accept Direct Debit (rates) form, and email it to us at

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