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Deconstruction programme for 2023 storm-affected properties

Land purchased in the Category 3 property buy-out process belongs to Auckland Council.

Removing damaged buildings

Once the buy-out process for a property is complete and ownership is transferred, building removal can take place. The options include:

  • relocation
  • deconstruction
  • demolition.

First, contractors need to complete asbestos surveys and disconnect services.

Each property is assessed to find the best removal option to reduce future risk. The Recovery Office and Waste Solutions team will work with a number of different companies to deliver the deconstruction programme.

Our waste policy commits us to ensure the deconstruction process generates the least possible amount of landfill waste. Where possible, we will remove homes in clusters to minimise disruption.

Our community partners from Waste Solutions will help us to recycle and reuse building materials where possible.

You should know

The deconstruction process began in late March for Muriwai properties where the buy-out process is complete.

Deconstruction process steps

Flowchart describing three steps of the deconstruction process: prepare site, remove structures and manage vacant land.

Our three-step flowchart showing steps in the deconstruction process

Future land use

We are working on a policy to ensure the appropriate use of storm-impacted land. For some properties, this may take several years.

The land could be used for:

  • stormwater management, as part of blue-green networks
  • neighbouring parkland
  • improving storm resilience for neighbouring properties
  • redevelopment, where possible.

Deconstruction process in Muriwai

Our video highlights the process of deconstructing Category 3 homes in Muriwai.  

Read the full transcript of the video.


What happens to deconstruction material

This video highlights the process of reusing deconstruction material from storm-affected homes.

Read the full transcript of the video.

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