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On your inorganic collection day

Ā te rā e kohia ai tō pararopi-kore

​When to put items out

You need to have your inorganic items out by 7am on the day of your collection.

Our tip

Do not put your items on the berm, kerb or footpath - this is considered illegal rubbish dumping.
​You need to:
  • place items inside your property boundary and near the entrance
  • pile the items outside - not in a shed, garage or carport
  • make sure your items are piled away from cars, bikes, outdoor furniture or other items, so our collectors can easily identify what needs to be taken
  • make sure that our collectors can access the items with trollies to ease collection
  • allow access for other people who use any shared driveway
  • unlock gates and secure dogs away from the collection area.

If you have a shared driveway, or if your driveway is particularly long or narrow, place your items close to your house.

How much you can put out for collection

This image shows examples of inorganic material you can put out for collection.

Each property can put out up to one cubic metre of inorganic material.

Items should be small or light enough to be lifted by two people.

 An illustration of typical objects you can put in your inorganic collection

What will happen on collection day

Inorganic collections take place between 7am and 7pm.

Inorganic items are collected using two trucks, one taking recyclable material and the other taking items for landfill.

If your driveway is wide enough, a small van could be brought down to remove the items from your property.

If only some of your items have been collected, a second truck might still be on its way.

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