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Auckland Council

How to correctly place your inorganic waste

Kia tika te tuku i ō para paraumu kore

Where to place your inorganic items

  • Place items inside your property and near the entrance.
  • Do not put them on the berm, kerb or footpath - this is considered illegal rubbish dumping.
  • The items should be outside - not in a shed, garage or carport. Make sure they are away from cars, bikes, outdoor furniture or other items, so our collectors can easily identify what they need to take.
  • If you have a shared driveway, or if your driveway is particularly long or narrow, place your items close to your house. Make sure that our collectors can still get to them and that they don't block other people's access. Collectors will often use a trolley to carry your items to the road. If your driveway is wide enough, they may bring a small van to easily remove the items from your property.
  • Unlock gates and secure dogs away from the collection area.

When to put items out

Put your inorganic items out by 7am on the day of your collection.

 Collection times are between 7am and 4pm.