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Investment in Auckland

Auckland is New Zealand's leading economic region, generating more than a third of the nation's GDP.

A strong institutional framework for local and regional governments supports our financial strength and stability. This includes the requirement to ensure our operating revenue is greater than our operating expenses each year.

We use borrowings to invest in new assets. How we manage borrowings and investments is contained in our Treasury Management Policy. More information is also available through our annual report.

Under the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002, we have flexible powers to set, access and collect rates to fund our activities.

We have provided security over our rates and rates revenue under a Debenture Trust Deed between us and Trustees Executors Limited as Trustee.

This is a first ranking security. The benefit of this security has been given to certain investors and others, and it can be given to new investors.

Our powers to set, access and collect rates are reflected in our credit quality:

Issuer rating ​Outlook
Standard & Poor's (Australia) Pty Limited AA Stable
Moody's Investor Services Pty Limited Aa2 Stable

Our group debt at 30 June 2018 is $8.8 billion.

Auckland's 10-year budget forecasts group debt to grow to $13.1 billion by 2027/2028.

Our borrowings are sourced from the domestic market (either retail or wholesale), the Local Government Funding Agency and offshore markets.


We have issued fixed-rate retail bonds that are listed on the NZX Limited Debt Market (NZDX).

These bonds are debt securities that pay a fixed rate of interest until maturity date.

The bonds are secured by the first ranking charge over all of our property rates and property rates revenue.

Refer to NZDX for the current trading price and market announcements, and to find out the next interest payment date for each of the bonds.

We recommend you talk to an authorised financial adviser with any questions you have about whether you should buy, sell or continue to hold retail bonds.

Changed your address or bank account?

If you are a current bond holder and have recently changed your address or bank account, visit the Computershare website to update the registry.

Complaints about retail bonds

You can make complaints about our retail bonds by using our standard complaints process.

Auckland Council is a member of the Financial Disputes Resolution Scheme (FDRS). The FDRS is operated by Fairway Resolutions Limited.

If you cannot agree with us on how to resolve your issue, you can refer the matter to:

FDRS Consulting Team

Telephone: 0508 337 337

Wholesale investors

We borrow from the wholesale market via a Medium Term Notes programme for long term borrowings, and Commercial Paper programme for borrowings of less than a year.

Both programmes are for wholesale investors only and are secured by the charge over our rates and rates revenue.

Offshore bond investors

The Local Government Act 2009 (amended in September 2011) allows us to borrow in foreign currency.

We have a USD 5 billion Secured Medium Term Notes Programme, an AUD 3 billion Australian Debt Issuance Programme and a USD 2 billion Secured Euro Commercial Paper Programme, allowing multi currency borrowings in offshore markets.

The USD programme is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange.

All foreign currency borrowings are fully hedged to eliminate currency fluctuations.

Offshore investors, like domestic investors, receive the benefit of the charge over our rates and rates revenue as security.

For more information email

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​Green Bond offer documents June 2018