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Auckland Council

Attendance at meetings

​Governing Body and Committee attendance records


These tables show the attendance of Auckland’s mayor and councillors at the Governing Body meeting, committee meetings and workshops.

Forums, working parties and meetings with co-governance entities are not included.

Absences, during the time period shown, may include pre-arranged leave, illness and leave for attending funerals. Absences from meetings or workshops while on council business are noted separately.

Three week-long meeting recesses are scheduled each year, during school holiday periods. Members often take additional leave during these times.

Attendance records are published on a monthly basis with three months’ worth of records being shown at any one time.

* Please note that a leave of absence has currently been granted to both Councillors Dick Quax and Christine Fletcher.


Committee attendance February – April 2018

​Committee ​Meeting ​Workshop
​Appointment, Performance Review and Value for Money Committee​86%​97%
​Auckland Domain Committee 100%100%
​Audit and Risk Committee 59%33%
​Civil Defence and Emergency Committee ​53%​33%
​Community Development and Safety Committee ​55%​51%
​Environment and Community Committee 78%​63%
​Finance and Performance Committee ​72%56%
​Governing Body ​81%66%
​Planning Committee ​76%​51%
​Regulatory Committee ​69%73%
​Strategic Procurement Committee ​79%​n/a​


Meeting attendance per member February – April 2018

​Governing body member​Meeting attended​Absent on council business


Mayor Phil Goff 72%8%80%
​Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore ​​92%​​8%100%
​Alf Filipaina 68%​0%68%
​Cathy Casey ​99%​0%99%
​Chris Darby 84%​14%​98%
Christine Fletcher ​41%* 0% ​41%*
​Daniel Newman 90%0%90%
​Desley Simpson 85%6%91%
Dick Quax   4%* 0% 4%*
​Fa'anana Efeso Collins 78%4%82%
​Greg Sayers 85%10%95%
​John Watson 90%0%90%
​Josephine Bartley81%3%85%
​Linda Cooper 89%8%97%​
​Mike Lee 69%0%69%
​Penny Hulse 88%8%96%​
​Richard Hills 77%0%77%
​Ross Clow  68%0%68%
​Sharon Stewart 88%6%94%
​Sir John Walker62%0%62%
Wayne Walker86%7%93%


Workshop attendance per member February – April 2018

Governing body member​Workshop attended ​Absent on council business


Mayor Phil Goff66%2%​68%
​Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore 69%22%
Alf Filipaina 71%0%71%
Cathy Casey 81%0%81%
Chris Darby 69%29%98%
Christine Fletcher 37%* 5% 42%*
​Daniel Newman 67​%
Desley Simpson 74%0%74%
Dick Quax 6%* 3% 8%*
Fa'anana Efeso Collins 35%37%71%
​Greg Sayers 25%​62%87%
​John Watson 74%5%79%
​Josephine Bartley​85%​4%​89%
​Linda Cooper 83%5%88%
​Mike Lee 54%3​%57%
​Penny Hulse 64%13%77%
​Richard Hills 69%17%87%
​Ross Clow 59%2%
​Sharon Stewart 53%21%74%
​Sir John Walker13%0%
Wayne Walker80%​3%82%