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Te kanohi kitea o ngā mema i pōtitia, i ngā hui

Elected members' attendance at meetings

Our elected members attend meetings and workshops to make formal decisions, canvas issues or prepare for upcoming discussions. Attendance at Governing Body and committee meetings are published monthly and local board meeting attendances are published quarterly.

​Local board members' attendance at meetings

​Auckland Council’s 21 local boards make their decisions at formal business meetings, while workshops are used to canvas issues or prepare for upcoming decisions. Some boards also hold community forums to discuss public forum and deputation items and, if required due to time constraints, to consider items of local board business.

Further information about the types of meetings is available on Conducting governance business.

These documents show the attendance of the local board members at business meetings and workshops. For the local boards that host community forums, this attendance is also included.

Absences may be due to prearranged leave, illness, bereavement or absences while attending to other council business.

An attendance record document will be published each quarter.

Governing Body and committee attendance records

These tables show the attendance of Auckland’s mayor and councillors at the Governing Body meeting, committee meetings and workshops.

Forums, working parties and meetings with co-governance entities are not included.

Absences during the period shown may include prearranged leave, illness and bereavements. Absences from meetings while on council business are recorded separately.

Three week-long meeting breaks are scheduled each year, during school holiday periods. Members often take additional leave during these times.

We publish these attendance records monthly, with three months’ worth of records being shown at any one time.

Committee attendance October - December 2023


​Meeting ​Workshop
​Auckland Domain Committee N/A ​N/A
​Audit and Risk Committee 100%​ 100%
​Budget Committee​99%​85%
​CCO Direction and Oversight Committee 91% ​100%
​Civil Defence and Emergency Management Committee​93%​57%
​Governing Body ​96% ​91%
​Performance and Appointments Committee88%N/A
​Planning, Environment and Parks Committee 87% 80%
​Regulatory and Community Safety Committee 94% ​N/A
​Revenue, Expenditure and Value Committee​86%60%
​Transport and Infrastructure Committee88%75%

Meeting attendance per member October - December 2023

​Governing body member ​Meeting attended ​Absent on council business ​Total
​Mayor Wayne Brown ​93% ​5% ​98%
​Deputy Mayor Desley Simpson 76% 24%  100%
​Alf Filipaina ​94%  0% 94%
​Andy Baker97%0%​97%
​Angela Dalton ​90%   1% 91%
​Chris Darby 94%  ​0% 94%
​Christine Fletcher 98%  0% 98%
​Daniel Newman 96%  ​0% ​96%
​Greg Sayers 84%   ​0% 84%
​John Watson ​90%   ​0% ​90%
​Josephine Bartley 88%  ​1% 89%
​Julie Fairey 100% 0%  ​100%
​Ken Turner ​92% ​0% 92%
​Kerrin Leoni 97% ​0% ​97%
​Lotu Fuli 91%​4% 95%
​Maurice Williamson 97% ​0% ​97%
​Mike Lee ​79% 2% 81%
​Richard Hills 89% 0% 89%
​Shane Henderson​97%​0%​97%
​Sharon Stewart88%0%88%
​Wayne Walker ​96% ​0% ​96%

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