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Ngā Tohutohu i mua o te tukunga tono

Pre-application guidance

We offer pre-application guidance for projects that need a resource consent, building consent, or both.

What pre-application guidance includes

Depending on the nature of your project, you may need more than one consent approval. We can advise you on the approvals you will need for your project and the best order to approach them.

We provide you with information and guidance to ensure you have a good understanding of what needs to be done, before you submit your application. This could save you time and money later.

We can help you:

  • confirm if you need a consent, permit or licence
  • understand the consent application process
  • understand consent fees and related charges, such as financial and development contributions fees
  • get guidance on the expertise you may need to help with your project
  • identify areas to focus on when gathering information to support your application
  • get a good understanding of what's needed for a good quality resource consent and building consent application
  • lodge an application that will be processed efficiently and without delay.

Because of the technical nature of consents, we expect you to get professional input into your application from an architect, builder, engineer, draughtsperson, planner or building surveyor.

 Request pre-application guidance online

Meeting confidentiality 

We regard the content of all pre-application meetings as confidential. However, if we receive an Official Information Request (OIA), this information could be released.

This is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Pre-application guidance fees

Resource consent pre-application fees

We will invoice you for any further costs — such as a second meeting — if needed.

Read fee table.
Service Fee
Resource consent pre-application meeting$505

*Fees are indicative only and are subject to change.

Building consent pre-application fees

We will tell you if your proposal is standard or complex.

You can request an estimate of pre-application costs if your proposal is likely to be complex.

You need to pay the fee when you request the meeting.

Read fee table.
Service Fee
Building consent - standard pre-application meeting fixed fee (non-refundable, no additional charges)$311
Building consent - complex pre-application meeting base fee (non-refundable, additional charges may apply)$311

​*Fees are indicative only and are subject to change.​

Further information

If you're not sure whether you need pre-application guidance:

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