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I mua i tō tukunga tono whakaaetanga hanga pūnaha tuku wai para

Before you apply for wastewater system building consent

What you need before you apply

  • Floor layout plan identifying all rooms in the building/buildings connected to the system.
  • Manufacturer's documentation for the system including the tank, pump, dripper lines etc.
  • Draft Wastewater Maintenance contract.

Your engineer needs to provide:

  • a design report that includes a site and soil assessment
  • assessment of environmental effects and mitigation (AEE)
  • Wastewater System Management Plan
  • dimensions on the site plan to show the clearance to buildings, retaining walls, boundaries, streams etc.
  • on-site Wastewater Disposal Site Evaluation Investigation Checklist (known as the Appendix E form) completed and signed.
  • site plan that shows:
    • contours and gradients, flood plains (identify all within 50m of the disposal area), bore locations, water features, streams, existing underground services, cut and fill area, swimming pool or stormwater trenches, proposed planting etc.
    • all buildings, retaining walls, position of the on-site waste water system, disposal field (with flush valves), reserve area, cut off drains, etc.

How to apply

See Apply for a building consent.


What happens next

If we approve your consent application, your system needs to be installed as per the approved building and resource consent documentation and conditions.

You will also need to apply for a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC). This is to ensure that the works carried out comply with the building consent and Building Code.

Before you apply for a CCC

The registered drainlayer that installs the system will need to provide:

  • a producer statement-construction (PS3) as soon as possible after the installation work has been completed
  • an as-built site plan showing the location of all elements of the system.

The engineer who is registered with us, needs to:

  • verify the work is completed in accordance with the approved design
  • provide a producer statement-construction review (PS4) as soon as the installation work is completed.

You will also need a copy of the maintenance agreement (from the professional who will be doing ongoing maintenance of the system).

How to apply for a CCC

See Apply for a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC).


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