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E tono mō tētahi rārangi tohu āheitanga

Apply for a compliance schedule

What you need to apply for a compliance schedule

For the Certificate of Acceptance (CoA) applications and for the specified systems installed before 1991, you will need to submit the documents that identify:

  • type of systems being installed
  • location of the systems
  • name of the person who will maintain, inspect and report against the system's performance standards
  • year that the systems will be maintained, inspected and reported against the system's performance standards
  • certification from an approved installer (with reference to the installation standard)
  • testing and maintenance regime (in case of specified systems installed prior to 1991).

Our tip

We will return your application if it is incomplete and request the missing information.

​Compliance schedule application fee

Read fee table.
Service Fee
Base charge$139
Additional charge per specified system – Base fee (non-refundable, additional charges may apply)$33

​How to apply

 By email

Email your completed AC2102 Application for a compliance schedule form and supporting documents to:

Detailed guidance on your responsibilities relating to compliance schedules

​What happens next

We process compliance schedule applications within 20 working days.

We will let you know the decision by email.


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