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Certificate of compliance (CoC)

A CoC gives official confirmation your building work is permitted and lawful under the Auckland Unitary Plan, and that you are meeting all permitted parameters.

​Do you need a CoC?

It's not mandatory to have a CoC and requirements for one are rigorous, however once issued it is a legal document declaring an activity is being carried out lawfully. It also acts, and lapses, in the same way as a resource consent. Having a CoC can be useful when applying for development finance.

We issue a CoC after a full assessment of your proposal against the rules of the Unitary Plan and any relevant National Policy Statement (NES).

It is your responsibility to provide compliance evidence.

What you need to provide in your application for a CoC

  • A full description of the proposed activity - the level of detail depends on the nature of the proposal and the rules you need to comply with.
  • A description of the site where the work will be carried out.
  • A clear explanation of how the proposed activity meets all the provisions of the relevant plan (Unitary Plan, relevant legacy plan and NES). You may present this information as a table, listing each provision and how the proposed activity complies.
  • All necessary plans, details and calculations to be checked against the relevant plan. For a new building, for example, detailed plans may be necessary.
  • Record of Title for the application sites.

Application fees for CoC*

* Fees are indicative pricing only

Read fee table.
DescriptionLodgement deposit
Certificate for completion; certificate of compliance; existing use; outline plan; extension of time$1500

​How to apply for a CoC


 By email

Complete the application for certificate of compliance, scan it and email it to:

 In person

Complete and bring two printed copies of your application along with supporting documents to a customer service centre.

 By post

Complete the application for certificate of compliance form and send it to:

Auckland Council Building Control

  Private Bag 92300

  Auckland 1142

Processing time for CoC applications

We will assess the information your provide to determine if the activity complies with all relevant rules.

We will issue a CoC within 20 working days of the date:

  • you submit your application, or
  • on which we receive further application information, if requested.