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Apply for an amendment (major variation) to your building consent

E tono mō tētahi panonitanga (nui tonu nei) ki tō whakaaetanga hanga whare

If approved, any amended application becomes part of the approved building consent documents file for that building project.

Check if you need to apply for an amendment

If you want to change your plans before or during construction, you need to let us know.

Generally, where the work is not a minor variation but is still within the scope of the original consent, it is an amendment.

Talk to your building inspector if you are unsure whether an amendment or a minor variation is required.

For more information on the difference between amendments and minor variations, see our guidance document AC2224 Amendments and minor variations.

Examples of changes that need an amendment

  • You no longer want to build a deck or carport shown on the building consent drawings.
  • You want to build an ensuite bathroom instead of a walk-in wardrobe shown on the building consent drawings.
  • A change to the assembly (for example, acrylic shower unit to a tiled shower unit).
  • Timber joists complying with NZS 3604 are shown on the building consent drawings, but your builder advises you to change to a manufactured proprietary joist system.
  • You want to change part, or all, of the proposed cladding system.
  • A new house is approved with a perimeter foundation wall and ordinary internal piles, but you decide to construct a complete timber pile foundation instead, or a raft foundation.

These examples are considered amendments because they impact on Building Code compliance.

Drawings will need to be changed so that plans and specifications accurately reflect what will be built.

Changes that need a new building consent

Where the work is outside the scope of the original consent, or involves additional work, you will need to apply for a new building consent.

Examples of new work:

  • Increasing the footprint of the building.
  • Adding another floor.
  • Adding a retaining wall, outbuilding or similar structures.

Application fees for amendments

* All fees are indicative only and are subject to change.

Read fee table.
Description Deposit
Project value up to $19,999$355
Project value $20,000 to $99,999$640
Project value $100,000 and over$1005

​How to apply


 In person

​Bring the completed application form, along with any supporting documents, to one of our customer service centre.

 By post

Post the completed application form, along with any accompanying documents, to:​

Auckland Council Building Control
Private Bag 92300,
Auckland 1142

​What happens next

We will process your application within 20 working days.

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