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Tono rīpoata tuku whakaaetanga tikanga ā-iwi

Order a custom resource consent report

​What a custom resource consent report can contain

A custom resource consent report is written to your specification and can include any resource consent information you choose. For example, it could include all consents related to:

  • one or more addresses in a specified area
  • a specified time period
  • a status (granted or lodged)
  • bores and/or water takes in a targeted search area
  • subdivision and resource consents for a site that have been lodged or granted in the last 10 years.

Cost of a custom resource consent report

The cost of the report is calculated on a time and materials basis.

Normal customer reports take roughly an hour to prepare.

If we anticipate a report will take longer than two hours, we may prepare a quote and ask you for confirmation to proceed with your request.

Report format

All reports are supplied electronically via email.

Subscription resource consent report

We can also produce reports of consents issued in a weekly, monthly and annual time period.

Read fee table.
DescriptionFee (Fixed charge)
Single request (monthly or weekly report)$175
Weekly (annual subscription)$1865
Monthly (annual subscription)$894

Order a custom resource consent report

See Ways to pay online for information on all payment options.


​Order now

​Order a custom report for bores or water take consents

To help make sure our report meets your requirements, complete the custom report for bores or water take form.

Information you will need to provide includes:

  • map coordinates
  • buffer zones
  • property addresses.

Email the completed the form to:

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