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Your legal responsibilities when keeping livestock

Ō herenga ā-ture ina tiaki kararehe pāmu koe

You should know

Under the Animal Management 2015 bylaw, when keeping livestock you must ensure:
  • the animal does not cause a nuisance to any other person
  • the animal does not cause a risk to public health and safety
  • you meet the welfare needs of the animal (including fresh food and water, shelter, and exercise)
  • you keep the animal in suitable accommodation.
If you do not comply with a bylaw, you risk being convicted and fined $500 and, in the case of a continuing offence, to a further fine up to $20,000.

Impounding of livestock

If we find or get a report of livestock wandering on the road, we may impound it. You must pay a fee before we can release impounded livestock.

For impounding fees, see Get your impounded animal back​​.

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