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Pay an environmental fine

Pay your fine

You must pay the fine within 28 days of the notice date, unless you write to us to dispute the fine.

If you haven’t written to us or paid your fine after 28 days, we will send you a reminder notice.

What you need

To pay an environmental fine, you will need:

  • your credit card details
  • your infringement notice number.

After you pay, you will get a reference number for your records.


You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, Online EFTPOS or Account2Account (bank transfer).

A card payment fee of 1.75 per cent will apply for credit and debit card payments.


​Pay your fine online now


Central Auckland

If you received the fine within the last 72 hours, it may not be ready for online payment.

If you experience any other problem, please contact us with:

  • the infringement notice number
  • the payment amount
  • what stage of the payment process the problem occurred
  • the error message you received.

All other areas

We do not currently take online payments for fines issued in areas outside central Auckland. You will need to pay by post or in person in these areas.

 In person

​Bring your infringement notice to one of our libraries with council services and pay by: 
  • cash
  • MasterCard or Visa.

Why we issue environmental fines

We can issue environmental fines for:

  • breaching resource consent conditions, e.g. working outside the consented hours
  • breaching district rules, e.g. damaging a protected tree
  • breaching regional rules, e.g. carrying out streamworks without proper sediment controls
  • polluting rivers, streams or the sea.
If you haven’t written to us or paid your fine after 60 days, we lodge your infringement with the Department of Courts. They have the authority to enforce the fine, including extra costs.

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