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Te Mana o te Wai

Te Mana o te Wai means ensuring the life-supporting capacity of freshwater.

​Te Mana o te Wai recognises the mana and mauri of water. It also encompasses the relationship between water, the wider environment and our communities. 

As part of the Te Mana o te Wai concept, the National Policy Statement on Freshwater Management (NPSFM) specifies that when making decisions on any matter relevant to freshwater, we must prioritise:

  • first, the health and wellbeing of water bodies and freshwater ecosystems
  • second, the health needs for people, such as drinking water
  • third, the ability of people and communities to provide for their social, economic, and cultural well-being, now and in future.

We are working with mana whenua and communities to understand what Te Mana o Te Wai means in Auckland.

The Ministry for the Environment has prepared a brief introductory webinar to help you understand Te Mana o te Wai.

See Te Mana o te Wai – Ensuring the life-supporting capacity of freshwater to watch the video.

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