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Discharging stormwater to a watercourse

Te tuku wai āwhā ki tētahi ara rerenga wai

Any discharge of stormwater to a watercourse must comply with:

Council discharging stormwater

We can discharge stormwater from the roading network or other developments to a watercourse.

These discharges are also subject to the Local Government Act 1974 and Local Government Act 2002.

This does not mean that we own or are responsible for the watercourse.

Property owners discharging stormwater

Before you discharge stormwater to a watercourse beyond your property, get the written consent from the owner of the affected property, unless:

  • you have an easement   
  • the stormwater follows a natural course and causes no damage
  • the stormwater does not present a flooding risk.
An easement is an agreement between property owners that allows one to use, not own, another property for access or service.

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