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Ngā whakapaparanga kimihanga o ngā GeoMaps

Search layers in GeoMaps

How to find layers in GeoMaps

To find layers, use the Identify and Discover tool within the map feature.

Step 1: Click on the Identify tool to search on a specific point in GeoMaps.

screenshot of the identify tool icon

Step 2: See the results panel on the left hand side of the screen for specific information about that area.

screenshot of tabs showing results selected

Step 3: To find specific layers use the Discover tool.

screenshot of discover icon

Step 4: In the left hand panel enter keywords, tags or title. It will return the map layers relevant to the search. Select 'Add' for those you wish to add.

screenshot of keyword search function showing four results for "Emergency"

Step 5: Select the Legend tab and using the drop-down arrows, tick those layers you require.

screenshot of legend tab with some layers selected with ticks

Step 6: To find a Theme, select the Theme tab from the Tool Bar menu, then select the relevant theme. It will return the layers in the left hand panel. Tick those layers that you require.

screenshot of themes, showing options like Aerials, Property and Unitary Plan

Advanced query

The Select tool will enable a more advanced query.

Step 1: Turn on the relevant layers.

Step 2: Enter the address or location in the search field.

screenshot of address search field

Step 3: Select the ‘Select’ tool.

screenshot of select tool icon

Step 4: Click Apply if property is already selected to return any visible intersecting layers. If the property is not selected then click on the property to select it.

Step 5: Use the Results tab dropdown on the left hand panel to select the different layers information.

screenshot of results tab showing information about a layer, including address, legal description, Property type, Property area,

For more information about using the Select tool, see Use the select tool for spatial query in GeoMaps.