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Tonoa kia manatokongia tō pakihi kai

Apply for verification for your food business

Which food businesses need verification

All registered food business need to be checked (verified) by a recognised verification agency.

We are accredited under ISO 17020 for verification services and can check businesses registered under:

Verification of food businesses registered under  national programme

You can apply for registration and verification services if you are under a template food control plan or national programme and you are a:

  • business that handles kai, but do not prepare or manufacture kai
  • food service provider to pre-school children, including children under five
  • retailer of chilled or frozen kai (excluding ice cream, iced confectionery, and iced desserts)
  • retailer of hot beverages and manufacturer-packaged kai
  • retailer of manufacturer-packaged ice cream or iced confectionery
  • transporter or distributor of food products.

For food businesses registered under a national programme not listed above follow the steps below.

How to apply for a verification service

This advice applies only to generic national programmes and section 40 of template food control plan.

Step 1

Email for a verification service request form with:

  • your name
  • your contact phone number
  • your business activity
  • the proposed location of your business.

Step 2

Complete the form and email

Sending the verification service request form does not automatically mean we have accepted the work.

Step 3

Based on information provided in the verification service request form, we will prepare and send you a verification service agreement.

If we need more information, we will contact you before we send out the agreement.

Step 4

If you accept the terms and conditions of the verification service, sign the agreement and email it to

Step 5

After we receive the signed agreement, we will provide you with a letter of verification confirming Auckland Council as your verifier.

You will need to submit this with your application when registering with the relevant registration authority.

How much will a verification service cost

We will send you an estimate quote based on information provided by a food business.

A full invoice will be sent to you after your verification and must be paid by the allocated due date.

The size of your food business and the complexity of your process can affect how long your verification will take.

When to check your food business

Template food control plan, national programme level 1, 2 and 3

  • For a new business, the first verification will be carried within six weeks of registration.
  • For an existing business, the first verification will be carried within 12 months of registration and within six months if registered under national programme level 3.

For both new and existing businesses, the subsequent verification will depend on the outcome of the previous verification.

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