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Te manatokonga o te pakihi kai kua oti te rēhita i raro i te hōtaka ā-motu

Remote verification of food business registered under national programme

​What is a remote verification?

Remote verification uses telecommunications technology to check safety and suitability of a food business.

Our preferred platform is Microsoft Teams which is easy to install and free of charge.

How remote verification works

For remote verification to work you will need:

  • broadband connection
  • Microsoft Teams installed on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Microsoft Teams allows verifier to gather information about food safety and suitability at the business site.

All communication is done in real-time and calls are not recorded.

Is remote verification right for your business

Your food business may be suitable for remote verification if it:

  • is registered under a national programme level
  • is eligible for verification by council
  • has good compliance history
  • does not export kai
  • has necessary technology available to connect with verifier
  • is located at least 1.5 hours from the verifier.

What happens if you qualify for remote verification

A verifier will contact you by phone to:

  • explain about remote verification
  • answer your questions
  • find out whether you need a translator.

You can choose whether you prefer remote verification or a verifier visit your business in person.

They will explain the costs associated with the visit.

If remote verification is a viable option then an information pack will be send to you.

You will need to provide photographs of your food premises and a selection of your business records.

Technology check for remote verification

A technology check will be carried out if you are comfortable to proceed with remote verification.

The verifier will check if the technology works and you are confident of using it to show your food business.

If the technology check goes well then arrangements will be made to conduct verification using Microsoft Teams.

Who to contact

If you are interested in remote verification email

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