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What is mobile trading?

He aha te kaihoko kōnekeneke?

Mobile trading is the temporary trading activity from a location which is vacated once trading has ended for the day.

Examples are:

  • roadside stalls
  • coffee carts
  • ice cream trucks
  • beachside kayak hire.

Trading from private land, markets or events

If trading from private land, make sure you check with our planning helpdesk that your type of activity is allowed to operate from that property.

If you are selling food or beverages, you will need to apply for food registration but you won’t need a mobile trading licence. You will need to get approval from the event manager or landowner.

See trade from private land, markets or events

Trading from public land

If you want to trade from public land you will need approval from us.

We do not provide locations for trading, but from time to time traders cancel their licences. Contact us if you want to find out if there is an available site.

You can also use our guides to find a suitable site and apply to trade from it.

See trade from public land.

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