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Trade from public land

Hokohoko mai i te papa whenua tūmatanui

Public land is any land that Auckland Council or a council controlled organisation owns, manages or maintains, and is open for use to the public.

What you need to trade from public land

To trade from public land, you will need to:

Other licences and permission

If you are selling food you should apply to register your business before or at the same time as your mobile trading licence. See Register your food business.

If you are planning to trade in a park, beach or reserve, see Open a mobile trading business.

If you plan to use a vessel on a waterway e.g. kayaks, you need permission from the Harbourmaster.

Choosing a public site

For advice on choosing a public site, email us or see Find a place to trade.

You must gain approval for your choice of site before you begin trading - contact us to find out more.

Public land sites do not offer power or wastewater disposal services.

Rules of trading from public land

  • You must leave the site clean and tidy at the end of the day's trading.
  • You must not cause danger to pedestrians, cyclists, or other vehicles.
  • You must not trade within 50m of an intersection or where your activity will limit visibility for other road users.
  • You must not block access to private property.
  • You cannot park a vehicle on the berm or footpath unless you get special permission.
  • You must not breach any Auckland Transport parking rules or time restrictions.
  • The trading set up must not block visibility for pedestrians or vehicles
  • Main arterial roads are not suitable locations for mobile traders due to increased traffic volumes. Some roads, such as Tamaki Drive, are completely restricted to new traders.

Roaming licences

We grant roaming licences only to ice cream trucks (Mr Whippy).

Roaming licences have a different set of conditions to fixed site traders.



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