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Auckland is at Alert Level 3. All customer-facing facilities like leisure centres, community venues, customer service centres and libraries will remain closed until further notice. Essential services will continue.

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Tohu ā-parani

Veranda signs

A business can have two types of veranda signage: veranda fascia and under veranda.

Signs cannot be erected on top of a veranda.

Veranda signs may only advertise products, services, goods or events taking place on the premises on which it is located.

Veranda fascia

  • One sign per tenancy, with advertising content limited to 50 per cent of the sign.
  • Maximum projection from veranda fascia 30cm
  • Minimum clearance from footpath to bottom of the sign 2.7m
  • Maximum height of the sign 60cm

Under veranda

  • One sign per 5m of property frontage per business.
  • Maximum of four signs per business.
  • Maximum height of the sign 60cm
  • Maximum depth 25cm
  • Must be a minimum of 5m away from any other veranda sign of the same business.
  • Mounted at 90 degrees to the wall to which the veranda is attached.
  • Minimum clearance from footpath to bottom of the sign 2.7m
  • Minimum 50cm from front of fascia.

You should know

If you want to put up a business sign in scheduled heritage places you will need a resource consent.
Check Geomaps to see if your address is in a historic heritage area. Under the results tab on the left hand side of your screen, you will find your property summary.
If your property is a historic heritage property or in a historic heritage area, you will see this under the heading "Overlays". 
Read about historic heritage places in the Auckland Unitary Plan. This will help you determine which historic heritage rules apply to you.

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