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Freestanding signs

Tohu tū noa

Freestanding signs may only advertise a business or activity carried out on the site of the sign.

Where to place freestanding signs

  • At least 5m from any building.
  • At least 2m from the side boundary of the site if the site frontage is more than 6m wide.
  • If the sign is primarily identifying or advertising a business or activity on the site, it must be at least 10m from portable signage or any other freestanding sign on the same site. This includes a freestanding billboard.

Number of freestanding signs permitted per site

  • For sites with a road frontage of 60m or less – one freestanding sign per road frontage (including billboards).
  • For sites with a road frontage of more than 60m and less than 100m – two freestanding signs per road frontage (including billboards).
  • For sites with a road frontage of 100m or more – up to three freestanding signs per road frontage (including billboards).

Size of freestanding signs

  • Maximum 8m high including the support structure, by 2m wide.
  • Maximum surface area 4 square metres.

You should know

If you want to put up a business sign in scheduled heritage places you will need a resource consent.
Check Geomaps to see if your address is in a historic heritage area. Under the results tab on the left hand side of your screen, you will find your property summary.
If your property is a historic heritage property or in a historic heritage area, you will see this under the heading "Overlays".
Read about historic heritage places in the Auckland Unitary Plan. This will help you determine which historic heritage rules apply to you.