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Tāmaki Makaurau me te Tiriti o Waitangi

Auckland and te Tiriti o Waitangi/the Treaty of Waitangi

Giving life to te Tiriti o Waitangi in the Auckland Plan contributes to a more equitable future for Aucklanders and generations to come.

What is te Tiriti o Waitangi/the Treaty of Waitangi

The Treaty of Waitangi is New Zealand’s founding document. It laid the basis for an ongoing partnership between Māori and the Crown, and recognises the unique and special place of Māori as tangata whenua.

The Treaty is an exchange of promises. Rangatira (chiefs) and the Governor (on behalf of the British Crown) agreed to a relationship where they would share power and authority within different spheres of influence. The Crown promised that Māori would enjoy equal citizenship and retain rangatiratanga over their iwi and hapū, territories, resources and taonga.

The Treaty is now articulated in law through an evolving set of principles. The principles allow the Treaty to be adapted to contemporary and future circumstances. They are the core concepts that underpin the Māori and English language texts of the Treaty and bridge differences between the texts.

There are statutory obligations requiring Auckland Council to consider Treaty principles and enable Māori participation in decision-making.

Auckland has the largest Māori population in New Zealand. Nineteen mana whenua groups hold customary interests across Auckland and many mataawaka call Auckland home.

Throughout Auckland, Māori and the Crown are settling historical Treaty of Waitangi claims. These claims arise from past breaches of the Treaty by the Crown. Some Treaty settlements include co-governance arrangements, which promote the Treaty principle of partnership, and affirm Maori values and tikanga unique to Auckland.

Looking ahead to 2050, historic Treaty claims will be settled. There will be increased capacity for iwi organisations to engage politically, for example, through co-governance. Auckland’s Māori economy will play a growing and critical part of Auckland’s future economic success through a long-term investment ethos, and commercial innovation and acumen.

In the Auckland Plan 2050, we use the following terms interchangeably to refer to both the English and Māori texts of te Tiriti o Waitangi/the Treaty of Waitangi:

  • ‘te Tiriti’
  • ’the Treaty’
  • ‘te Tiriti/the Treaty.

Find out more by reading te Tiriti o Waitangi/the Treaty of Waitangi.

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