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Auckland Council The Auckland Plan

Focus area 3: Support and work with communities to develop local leadership and the resilience to thrive in a changing world

Wāhanga arotahi 3: Me tautoko me te mahi tahi me ngā hapori ki te whakawhanake i ngā kaihautū a-rohe me te pakari ki te ora i roto i te ao hurihuri nei

​A community can be a community of place, interest or identity. An active community is one that can:

  • take the lead
  • influence decisions
  • take action
  • bring about change.

We live in a changing world. Recent events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and growing awareness of the climate crisis and the impact of geopolitical tensions, have all contributed to a climate of greater uncertainty.

Supporting resilience means that Aucklanders are supported to develop the capacity and capability to respond to change, whether in response to the impact of natural events, climate-induced change or the changing nature of work.

Supporting people to work with and lead their own community enables many positive results. Local ways of doing things and developing local solutions better addresses communities’ diverse needs. Building strong relationships and a shared sense of purpose:

  • brings diverse communities together
  • builds a sense of belonging
  • creates resilience.

Resilience relates to the ability of an individual to adapt or transform positively in response to significant transitions or threats to wellbeing. These can arise internally or externally, and may or may not be anticipated.

This means communities and individuals are able to adapt as circumstances change.

Many people expect to have a more active role in decision-making when decisions affect their wellbeing, their home, community or area of interest.

This involvement in decision-making is an integral part of creating strong, sustainable and cohesive communities. Volunteers, and the organisations that support them, also play a vital role in enabling participation in local action and decision-making.

Supporting local leadership is a key way to support communities in decision-making. Local leadership requires a more locally-centric approach, increasing the range and quality of relationships and developing a better understanding of local aspirations and needs.

​This involves building on and developing local communities’ existing strengths and assets.

Some Aucklanders are already effective at working in and shaping their own community as seen on the Creating a community-led physical activity space in Grey Lynn page. Others need assistance and support to increase their knowledge, skills and human and financial resources to act.

Organisations have a social responsibility and need to think differently about how they work at the local level and how current and future challenges for Auckland's communities can best be met.

How this can be done

Efforts and investment to support local leadership and community resilience can:

  • provide support to and share decision-making with local people and organisations so they can actively shape, influence, lead and be part of what happens in their communities and how it happens
  • support a strong and well-networked community sector that delivers services to those in most need, especially vulnerable communities and those experiencing significant change and growth
  • Te-Tāruke-ā-Tāwhiri: Auckland’s Climate Plan is focused on communities and individuals being prepared for our changing climate and coastline and reducing the carbon footprints of Aucklanders
  • Ngā Hapori Momoho / Thriving Communities highlights the contribution that communities can make in increasing local climate resilience and sustainability.

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