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Auckland Council The Auckland Plan

Implementing the Belonging and participation outcome

Implementation partners

We all have a part to play in creating an inclusive and equitable Auckland. The impact that communities and individuals have in shaping Auckland cannot be underestimated. 

Mana whenua, as kaitiaki of Tāmaki Makaurau extend manaakitanga to visitors and new comers to Auckland.

Community groups and organisations provide opportunities for people to connect, learn, understand and support their community. 

Central government contributes to this outcome through multiple functions, for example:

  • providing funding and support for refugee and migrant resettlement facilities and programmes
  • ensuring the human rights of all Aucklanders are upheld through the Human Rights Commission.

Auckland Council also undertakes a variety of functions that enhance belonging and participation for all Aucklanders. This includes:

  • provision of social policy
  • supporting community organisations and providing community facilities and services
  • funding events and other initiatives that celebrate and showcase Auckland's diversity
  • encouraging participation in the decision-making process by a range of diverse groups and communities through advisory panels.

Mechanisms used to work together

Auckland Council embraces an empowered community approach, where individuals, whānau and communities have the power and ability to influence decisions, take action and make change happen in their lives and communities.

Groups are encouraged and supported to identify their own ways for working together and get on with making a difference in their community.  

Auckland Council, through its committees and local boards has a number of different ways that it listens, engages and supports its diverse communities.

Its advisory panels are an important source of knowledge and expert advice on the diverse interests and issues experienced by the disability, ethnic peoples, Pacific peoples, rainbow, seniors and youth communities.

An important part of civic participation is Aucklanders taking leadership roles in community activities in a variety of different ways such as voting in and standing for local or central government, district health boards, school boards, or being a representative for community, cultural or sporting groups.  

Supporting strategies and plans

Toi Whītiki - Arts and Culture Strategic Action Plan

The Toi Whītiki - Arts and Culture Strategic Action plan's (PDF 9.30MB) overall goal is to enable arts and culture to be integrated into our everyday lives, and create a culturally rich and creative Auckland. One of its six goals is to build a flourishing creative economy. It is a ten-year plan for the region, delivered by Auckland Council in partnership with the creative sector.

Thriving communities Action Plan Ngā Hapori Momoho

The Thriving Communities Action Plan provides a platform for Auckland Council to work together with Auckland's diverse communities in new and more sustainable ways.

Sport and Recreation Strategic Action Plan

This is a sector-wide plan for Auckland's sport and recreation sector.  The focus of the Sport and Recreation Strategic Action plan is to get Aucklanders more active, more often.

Healthy Auckland Together

Healthy Auckland Together is a coalition of 26 organisations representing local government, mana whenua, health agencies, non-government organisations, university and consumer interest groups. The coalition has a 5 year action plan outlining the priorities and the solutions urgently needed to reshape Auckland's obesogenic environment. Visit the Healthy Auckland Together website for more information.

Community Facilities Network and Action Plan

The Community Facilities Network and Action plan provides direction for the development of new arts, culture, community and leisure facilities, upgrades of existing facilities and dealing with facilities no longer meeting community needs.

Parks and Open Spaces Strategic Action Plan

Sets Auckland Council's priorities for investment in parks and open space (includes Open Space Provision Policy and Parks and Open Space Acquisition Policy).

I Am Auckland - the Children and Young People's Strategic Action Plan

Read the Auckland-wide I Am Auckland - strategic action plan (PDF 5.6MB) for children and young people.

How to get involved

  • Visit the Our Auckland website or Auckland Live website for information on events and activities in your area.
  • Opportunities to volunteer can be found on the Volunteering Auckland website
  • Community groups can email a local strategic broker for advice. Strategic brokers work alongside communities in local board areas to understand their aspirations, increase their capability do things for themselves, and to navigate the council and access resources and information.

Supporting information

Knowledge Auckland website provides free published research, information, analysis and data about Auckland's communities, economy and environment.

Auckland Counts website contains 2001, 2006 and 2013 census information specifically for Auckland. It provides interactive mapping, graphing and data export functions.