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Auckland Council The Auckland Plan

Focus area 4: Make walking, cycling and public transport preferred choices for many more Aucklanders

​More Aucklanders will walk, cycle and use public transport if it is efficient, reliable, safe, and attractive.

Substantial progress has been made in recent years. However, many parts of Auckland, particularly outer suburban and rural areas, still lack access to these options.

Where these travel choices exist they are often too slow, unreliable, infrequent or simply unsafe for many to use them.

The large number of people travelling to busy parts of Auckland, such as the city centre, metropolitan centres and town centres, creates congestion and requires significant areas of land to be used as parking lots, rather than in more productive ways.

Improving public transport options for people travelling to these locations will deliver the greatest benefits and help reduce congestion. Read more in the development strategy section.

The safe cycling network is still in the early stages of its development. There has recently been a significant increase in investment  generating unprecedented growth in the number of cyclists where improvements have been made. Read more on the Making Auckland more cycle friendly page.

It is essential that walking and cycling accounts for a greater share of short- and medium-distance trips as Auckland grows to reduce pressure on the road network and for their inherent health benefits. This will require sustained effort and investment.

How this can be done

Efforts to make walking, cycling and public transport attractive travel choices must:

  • implement initiatives such as dedicated bus lanes and cycle ways that enable faster, safer  and more reliable travel, particularly where a lot of people live and work and along highly congested routes
  • design and manage streets in a way that prioritise walking, cycling and quality urban spaces, including speed management and safe crossing opportunities
  • make frequent, efficient and reliable public transport more widely available
  • implement the universal design approach to make it easier for people of any age and ability to move around. It will not only improve walking and cycling networks, it will mean more people can easily use public transport. For more information visit the Universal Design website.