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Auckland Council The Auckland Plan

Focus area 2: Target new transport investment to the most significant challenges

While it's not possible to solely build our way out of our transport challenges, population growth means we need to continue to expand and upgrade our transport networks. An increase in funding from current levels will be required to make genuine progress.

The very large scale of investment required across the whole network means that funding needs to be targeted, strategic and effective.

Joint strategic planning and integrated priority setting are essential for deciding when and in what order Auckland should invest in new infrastructure.

Working together, regionally and nationally, will help to ensure that new investments deliver best value for money, focus on the most appropriate travel mode and are made at the right time and the right scale.

The future is uncertain, so it's important to trial small-scale interventions and test decisions against a variety of futures.

The development strategy has detail on the order in which key transport investments will be needed to support development across Auckland.

How this can be done

Investment in new infrastructure and services must:

  • upgrade and expand  Auckland's strategic road, rail and other public transport networks to ensure they operate effectively and efficiently as the population grows
  • improve Auckland's inter-regional and international road, rail, port and airport connections, as described on the Ports of Auckland page, which are critical to New Zealand's economic and social success
  • ensure the different parts of our transport network operate as an integrated whole
  • move to a "scenarios-based" approach to planning and decision-making, where strategies and major investments are assessed against a range of potential futures
  • address disparities in access to opportunities, particularly where this exacerbates existing inequities of travel choice and cost - see the Equitable transport access across Auckland page for more information.