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Mahere ā-Rohe o Hibiscus me ngā Bays

Hibiscus and Bays Area Plan

The Hibiscus and Bays Area Plan provides a framework to support growth and development in the area over the next 30 years.

​Implementing the Auckland Plan

The area plan shows how we can implement The Auckland Plan at a local level. 

The area plan determines key ways to achieve this goal, within:

  • housing
  • jobs
  • transport links
  • recreation
  • community facilities
  • visitor attractions.

Progress on delivering the Hibiscus and Bays Area Plan

Since the Hibiscus and Bays Area Plan was adopted in 2012 significant progress has been made on:

  • tidal traffic flow system in operation morning and evening between Hibiscus Coast Highway and Red Beach Road
  • Alice Eaves greenway has been selected to progress design, consents, and physical works
  • Northern Busway Extension under construction, and scheduled for completion in 2021
  • Penlink funded in RLTP 2024-2028.

We are working on a number of other actions, such as:

  • Gulf Harbour services to be enhanced before investigating additional services and facilities at other locations.
  • Cycle infrastructure.

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