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Changes in property rates for 2021/2022 rating year

Thursday 1 July 2021 is the start of the 2021/2022 rating year.

Changes in property rates

As part of the 10-year Budget 2021-2031 (Our Recovery Budget) consultation process, we consulted on proposals to change rates, fees and charges.

 After considering the submissions, we have made the rates decisions for 2021-2031.

Average property rates increase

A one-off average rate increase of 5 per cent (excluding urban rating area) will be introduced to existing ratepayers for 2021/2022 as an interim measure due to revenue pressures from Covid-19.

Property rates will return to the long-term increase of 3.5 per cent the following year.

The Uniform Annual General Charge (UAGC) increase

The UAGC will increase in line with the general rates increase.

Business properties general rates decrease

The share of general rates revenue collected from business properties will gradually reduce.

Change of definition of the Urban Rating Area (URA)

We are changing the definition of the URA as Auckland continues to grow and our urban area expands.

The URA now includes all land within the Rural Urban Boundary except Warkworth and land zoned ‘future urban’.

Farm and lifestyle properties within the URA are now rated as urban residential. These properties will have their rates set on the same basis as their neighbours and other properties with similar access to council services and facilities.

To manage the impact on affected ratepayers, these changes will be phased in over three years.

Changes in bin and bag prices and waste management targeted rates

Central government recently confirmed an increase to the levy on waste sent to landfill. This means the cost of providing refuse collection and disposal services has increased.

To cover costs, we are increasing the bin tag and bag prices, as well as the refuse targeted rate.

We will increase:

  • the waste management standard refuse rate from $141.60 to $150.06
  • the large refuse rate from $66.55 to $70.53.

Other changes to targeted rates

Water Quality Targeted Rate (WQTR)

We will:

  • extend the WQTR to 2030/2031
  • increase the WQTR to 5 per cent for 2021/2022 and then 3.5 per cent for the remaining years of the 10-year budget.

These rates decisions will allow us to:

  • progress our investment in water quality programmes across the region
  • not delay investments we would otherwise have to postpone for many years.

Natural Environment Targeted Rate (NETR)

We will extend the NETR until 2030/2031 to align with the term of the 10-year budget and keep it at its current level.

This will allow us to continue addressing environmental issues, such as:

  • spread of kauri dieback
  • predator and weed control.

Accommodation Provider Targeted Rate (APTR)

Due to restrictions on international travel and uncertainty around potential limits on mass gatherings because of COVID-19, we are:

  • reducing spending on major events and visitor attraction activity
  • extending the suspension of the APTR until 30 June 2022.

Electricity Network Resilience Targeted Rate

Due to public safety and power outage concerns, a targeted rate of $10.5 million per year for Vector to fund enhanced management of trees around the Vector overhead power lines.

Vector estimates this will add around $1 per month to the average domestic electricity bill.

City Centre Targeted Rate

The City Centre Targeted Rate will be extended from 2024/2025 until 2030/2031 to match the term of the 10-year budget.

Waitākere Rural Sewerage Service

We will increase the Waitākere Rural Sewerage Targeted rates to recover the cost of providing the service for ratepayers in the Waitākere Ranges Local Board area.

Since last year, ratepayers in Henderson-Massey Local Board and Upper Harbour Local Board no longer pay this targeted rate.

Clevedon Wastewater and Water Connection Targeted Rate

We have decided not to proceed with this targeted rate as further review of the scheme suggested that we may not be able to meet its legal obligations or customer expectations under consumer finance legislation.

Loan repayment targeted rates

Interest on loan repayment targeted rates for the 2021/2022 financial year will be reinstated.

This will apply to:

  • Retrofit Your Home Targeted Rate
  • Riverhaven Drive Targeted Rate
  • Kumeū Huapai Riverhead Wastewater Targeted Rate
  • On-site Wastewater Systems (septic tank) Upgrades Targeted Rate
  • Point Wells Wastewater Targeted Rate
  • Jackson Crescent Wastewater Targeted Rate.

Interest was not charged on these rates in 2020 while the we updated our compliance with consumer finance legislation.

Rodney Drainage District Targeted Rate

A targeted rate on the private landowners in the Te Arai and Okahukura drainage districts, who benefit from or contribute to the need for, the provision of stormwater management services in the districts, has been introduced.

The Business Improvement District (BID) Programme

We have

  • adjusted targeted rates for the BIDs based on the budgets agreed by their business associations
  • extended the boundaries for the Manurewa and Dominion Road BIDs.

See Business Improvement District Programme for more information.

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