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Ngā panonitanga ki ō rēti pito whenua mō te tau rēti 2023/2024

Changes to your property rates for the 2023/2024 rating year

Saturday 1 July 2023 is the start of the 2023/2024 rating year.

Changes in property rates

As part of the Annual Budget 2023/2024 consultation process, we consulted on proposals to change rates, fees and charges.

After considering consultation feedback, we have made the following rates decisions for 2023/2024.

Average property rates increase

Our Annual Budget 2023/2024 includes budget changes that will see a total rates increase of 7.7 per cent or $253 a year (around $4.87 a week) for the average value residential property. 

To help with our budget challenge this year, the average increase in general rates across all existing properties will be 11 per cent rather than the 3.5 per cent set out in the 10-year Budget 2021-2031.

Changes to current rates charges

To help reduce the rates increase for the average value residential property we have made changes to our current rates charges.

Natural Environment Targeted Rate (NETR) and Water Quality Targeted Rate (WQTR) changes

We have reduced the Natural Environment Targeted Rate (NETR) by 48.8 per cent, and the Water Quality Targeted Rate (WQTR) by 77.7 per cent for one year.

This reduces rates for an average residential property by around $77 ($54 for the WQTR and $23 for the NETR) and $369 for an average value business property.

We are using the money already collected from these targeted rates to continue delivering these work programmes in 2023/2024.

Long-term Differential Strategy (LTDS)

We have paused the Long-term Differential Strategy (LTDS) for one year to reduce the impact of this strategy on non-business ratepayers in 2023/2024.

We will apply the general rates increase evenly across all ratepayers in 2023/2024. This will reduce the average increase in rates that non-business ratepayers will pay (residential by around $16) and increase the average amount of rates that businesses will pay by around $212 in 2023/2024.

The Uniform Annual General Charge (UAGC) increase

The UAGC will increase by 11 per cent in line with the general rates increase.

Changes in bin and bag prices and waste management targeted rates

The majority of our waste management services costs are driven by fixed-term contracts that are tied to the Consumer Price Index.

To cover costs, we are increasing the bin tag and bag prices, as well as the refuse targeted rate.

As part of our plan to standardise our waste management collection services across the region, in 2023/2024 we will:

  • have a combined 4.8 per cent increase in the refuse rate and base waste management rates for a standard waste service. This represents a 0.5 per cent increase in total rates
  • roll out the food scraps service to Auckland's remaining urban and semi-urban areas. These areas will pay the food scraps targeted rate on a pro rata basis, to reflect the approximate number of months the service is available in each area
  • split the base service rate into two separate rates, including a standard recycling targeted rate of $96.18 and a minimum base service targeted rate of $59.39
  • introduce the option of an 80 litre bin rubbish collection service to properties in the former districts of Auckland City Council (ACC) and Manukau City Council (MCC), funded by a targeted annual rate of $143.71
  • increase the targeted rate for the 240 litre bin service in the former ACC and MCC districts to $287.03 (166 per cent of the proposed standard refuse targeted rate of $172.91 for a 120 litre bin)
  • introduce a $40 fee for swapping to a different size bin
  • extend our waste management services to commercial areas in the former Manukau City. Howick, Hunter’s Corner and Papatoetoe will receive our services for commercial properties from 2023/2024 on an 'opt-in' basis. 

You can find a full list of our waste changes for 2023/2024 in the Waste Management targeted rate section set out in our Annual Budget 2023/2024.

Other changes to rates

Accommodation Provider Targeted Rate (APTR)

Our 10-year Budget 2021-2031 assumed that from 2023/2024. $15.1 million from the APTR and associated expenditure would be reinstated.

On 12 May 2023 the Supreme Court found the council’s decision to apply this rate was valid. This did not give us enough time to reinstate the APTR prior to adoption of the Annual Budget 2023/2024 and setting rates for 2023/2024.

The next opportunity we have to consider this is as part of the 10-year Budget 2024-2034.

We will reduce Tātaki Auckland Unlimited’s expenditure for visitor attractions and major events for 2023/2024 because funding from APTR is no longer available.

Additional general rates funding for expenditure on visitor attractions and major events is not a priority given the significant budget pressures that we are facing.

Climate Action Transport Targeted Rate (CATTR)

We will partially reprioritise $10.5 million of additional bus service expenditure that the Climate Action Transport Targeted Rate (CATTR) planned to fund.

This means we can continue to deliver the CATTR's intended climate and service outcomes, while helping manage the financial challenges that we are now facing.

Rodney Drainage Districts Targeted Rate

We will not proceed with the changes consulted on regarding Rodney Drainage Districts Targeted Rate for the Annual Budget 2023/2024.

Instead we will review the targeted rate boundaries and cost of providing the service as part of the 10-year Budget 2024-2034 process.

Swimming Pool/Spa Pool Fencing Compliance Targeted Rate

We will increase the Swimming Pool/Spa Pool Fencing Compliance Targeted Rate from $46.67 to $63.33 to reflect the actual cost of this service.

The fee for follow up inspections will also increase from $140 to $190.

The Business Improvement District (BID) programme

We will establish the Business Improvement District (BID) and BID targeted rate for Silverdale as voted for by local businesses.

Learn more about the Business Improvement District programme.

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