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How your property rates bill is made up

Whakaahuatanga o tō pire reiti

What your property rates bill consists of

Your property rates bill consists of three parts:

  • a Uniform Annual General Charge - UAGC (fixed charge)
  • a general rate
  • targeted rates.

Uniform Annual General Charge (UAGC)

The Uniform Annual General Charge is a fixed charge applied to every separately used or inhabited part (SUIP) of a property.

If you have a home with a granny flat, you will pay two fixed charges. This is because a granny flat is used as a separate residence, or a SUIP.

General rate

The general rate is based on:

  • your property's capital value
  • how you use the property (residential, business, farm, short-term accommodation)
  • whether your property's location is urban or rural.

The general rate funds a range of services we provide.

There are several types of properties that we use for calculating the general rate:

  • urban residential
  • urban business
  • rural business
  • rural residential
  • farm and lifestyle properties
  • no road access properties
  • uninhabited islands
  • urban moderate-occupancy online accommodation provider
  • rural moderate-occupancy online accommodation provider
  • urban medium-occupancy online accommodation provider
  • rural medium-occupancy online accommodation provider

Targeted rates

Targeted rates pay for specific services or projects and can be set generally across all ratepayers or to specific ratepayers in certain areas.

Current targeted rates include:

  • natural environment
  • water quality
  • accommodation provider targeted rate
  • interim transport levy
  • rubbish, recycling, food scraps, and inorganic collections
  • repayment of financial assistance (for example, the Retrofit Your Home scheme)
  • swimming pool, local or business targeted rates.

Rating maps

Some properties in special areas are liable for different rates.

This applies to Business Improvement Districts, the City Centre Targeted Rate, and some categories of general rates.

The maps below outline the geographical areas for three targeted rate areas.

See our long-term plan for how these rates are applied.

Get a copy of the rating maps

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