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Overdue property rates payments and penalties

Utu reiti kua hipa kē me ōna whiu tāpirihanga

When are rates instalments due?

Rates instalment payments are due by 5pm on the due dates for rates payments.

You can check your balances online by logging in to myAUCKLAND.

Login to myAUCKLAND

When we apply penalties

If you do not pay on time, we will add a rates penalty of 10 per cent of the amount left to pay.

We apply the following penalties:

  • If unpaid by the due date, 10 per cent of the unpaid part of an instalment.
  • A further 10 per cent at the end of each rating year to unpaid rates and penalties.
  • A further 10 per cent to any amounts still unpaid six months after the end of the rating year.

We don't charge GST on rates penalties.

Our tip

We credit payments towards the oldest overdue amount.

​In some cases, you may be eligible for a refund on a rates penalty.

See Remission of rates penalties.

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