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Remission (reduction) of property rates penalties

Murunga whiu utu reiti

​Eligibility and criteria

If you make a rates payment after the due date, penalties may be applied.

We may be able to remit (reduce) your penalties under the circumstances listed below.

  1. You experience significant family disruption, such as illness or accident of the ratepayer or a family member, birth, death, marriage, separation or divorce.
  2. There are other justifiable circumstances, such as the loss of records by fire or theft.
  3. You have paid after the penalty date, but you have not received a rates penalty remission under the policy within the past two years.
  4. You have purchased the rating unit, but have not received a rates notice.
  5. Due to age or health issues, another person has assumed responsibility for paying your accounts. We can apply this criterion only once for each ratepayer.
  6. You have advised us before the penalty date that you will not have funds available to pay the rates instalment until after the penalty date, and you pay within 14 days of the penalty date. We can apply this criterion only once within any two-year period for each ratepayer.
  7. You have contacted us within seven days of a penalty date requesting a copy of the instalment notice but did not receive the copy before the penalty date as long as you pay within 10 days after the date of your request.
  8. Where you have disputed payment of rates in writing, but we have no record of receipt. You must supply a copy along with proof you sent it before the penalty date.
  9. We will remit (remove) penalties on the first instalment of each new financial year if you pay the total amount of rates due for the year, excluding the penalty on the first instalment, but including any arrears owing at the beginning of the financial year. You must pay by the second instalment due date to be eligible.
  10. Where you meet the payment conditions agreed to by us, to pay rates arrears, we can remit (remove) any part of the penalties that have been applied or are yet to be applied.
  11. In circumstances where no remittance of some or all of the penalties would be unfair or unreasonable and inconsistent when compared to the criteria in 1 to 10 above.

We will not backdate the remission to previous years. It will apply from the beginning of the rating period in which we approve the application.

How we treat penalties on small overdue balances

When a small balance is overdue which is uneconomical to collect, we may write off the balance in line with other council procedures.

We will not apply penalties in these circumstances.

How to apply for a remission of rates penalties


 By phone

Contact us on 09 301 0101 to discuss your penalty remission.

If you are eligible, we may be able to process your remission over the phone.

 By email

To find out if you are eligible for a penalty remission, email us, and include any related documents, at

 By post

To find out if you are eligible for a penalty remission, write to us and include any related documents:

Auckland Council
Private Bag 92300
Victoria Street
Auckland 1142

What happens next

It takes 20 working days to process your application. We will send you a letter to let you know the outcome of your application.

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