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Retrofit Your Home repayments

Whakahoki utu mō Retrofit Your Home

How the repayments work

You will repay this assistance, with interest charges, over nine years through a targeted rate included on your property rates bill.

We add this targeted rate to your rates on 1 July each year.

Your Retrofit Your Home targeted rate has the same repayment dates as your rates instalments:

  • August
  • November
  • February
  • May.

See your rates notice for actual dates each year.

If you sign up for direct debit, the assistance is included in your payments.

Repayment schedule

This table is a guide only and will give you an idea of your repayments. There are many variables that influence your Retrofit targeted rate repayment amounts. The increase in your rates will not start until 1 July.

​Assistance amount (includes GST)​​Approximate yearly payment (includes GST)​​Approximate payment per quarter (includes GST)​​Nine-year total (including interest and GST)

In addition to repayment through your property rates, you can make extra payments to repay the assistance earlier. There are no early repayment charges or penalties.

What your property rates notice will show

We generate rates notices in July.

The Retrofit Your Home targeted rate will stay on your property rates notice for the full rating year.

Once we add the Retrofit Your Home repayment amount to your rates, it will appear in your rates notice as Retrofit Targeted Rate.

The Loan Value is the GST inclusive balance at 30 June each year. The Rate (not the rate of interest) is used to calculate the targeted rate for the year.

Six-monthly balance statements

When you receive a statement in the post, it is for your records only.

If you have any questions, email us at

Interest rates

The current interest rate is 6.02 per cent.

This is at the interest rate of borrowing from Auckland Council plus a one per cent administration margin. The rate is updated in July each year.

When you sell your house

If you sell your house with an outstanding amount owing on your retrofit, you must:

  • tell the buyer about the existence of the targeted rate
  • include a written provision in any sale agreement recording that disclosure
  • notify our Retrofit Your Home programme team.

You may also arrange to pay the outstanding Retrofit You Home amount in full.

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