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Franklin - Ngā ipu me ngā utu mō te rapihi, mō te tukurua, mō ngā rukenga kai hoki

Franklin - Rubbish, recycling and food scraps bins and charges

​Rubbish bins

There is currently no council roadside rubbish bin service in the Franklin area.

Rubbish bags in service

Franklin rubbish bags are orange and come in 60 and 40-litre sizes.

Price of official council rubbish bags

Pricing may vary by area and between retailers. These are the recommended retail prices (RRP).

Read fee table.
Bag sizeSingle bag price (RRP)Pack of five bags price (RRP)




Where to buy official council rubbish bags

You can buy our orange rubbish bags from:

Recycle bins in service

Franklin recycling bins are green with a yellow lid and come in 360, 240 and 120 litre sizes.

Recycle bin dimensions

  • 360-litre bins are 1100mm high and 848mm wide.
  • 240-litre bins are 1060mm high and 730mm wide.
  • 120-litre bins are 930mm high and 545mm wide.

Bin requests

See Request bin repair or report a missing bin to get a bin replaced or to fix a broken bin.

See Request a bin for a new property and other bin services to order a new bin for your new property.

See Request a different size bin to swap your bin for a different size. 

​Recycling bin charges

The annual charge for a new or additional recycling bin is pro-rated based on the month the bin was ordered.

Read fee table.
Month bin orderedNew bin (pro-rata charge)Additional bin (pro-rata charge)
July 2023$155.57$96.18
August 2023$143.78$88.89
September 2023$132$81.61
October 2023$120.21$74.32
November 2023$108.43$67.03
December 2023$96.64$59.75
January 2024$84.86$52.46
February 2024$73.07$45.18
March 2024$61.29$37.89
April 2024$49.50$30.60
May 2024$37.71$23.32
June 2024$25.93$16.03

​Food scraps bin in service

Franklin food scraps bin is green colour and comes in a 23-litre size. Kitchen caddy is cream colour with black lid and comes in 6-litre size.

The food scraps service includes a 23-litre food scraps bin and a kitchen caddy.

Food scraps bin charges

You should know

If you are requesting new waste services, your pro-rata invoice will include the total charge for both the recycling and food scraps service. This charge applies even if you choose not to use the food scraps bin.

The annual charge for a food scraps bin is pro-rated based on the month the bin was ordered.

This will be added to your rates account from the following year.

Food scraps bin charges for Franklin

Read fee table.
Month bin orderedFood scraps bin pro-rata charge
July 2023$77.20
August 2023$71.35
September 2023$65.50
October 2023$59.65
November 2023$53.81
December 2023$47.96
January 2024$42.11
February 2024$36.26
March 2024$30.41
April 2024$24.56
May 2024$18.72
June 2024$12.87

​Compostable bin liners for your kitchen caddy

You can use an Auckland Council compostable bin liner in your food scraps kitchen caddy to help remove odours and keep them clean.

For information about where to buy compostable bin liners and pricing, see Food scraps collection bins and bin liners.

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