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He kōrero mō ngā poari ā-rohe

About local boards

​What are local boards?

Local boards provide governance at the local level within Auckland Council. They enable democratic decision making by, and on behalf of communities within the local board area.

There are 21 local boards with between five and nine members elected to each board (149 local board members in total).

Local boards are charged with decision-making on local issues, activities and services, and provide input into regional strategies, policies, plans and decisions.

Local boards' responsibilities

Local boards are responsible for:

  • adopting local board plans that set the strategic direction for the local board area every three years in consultation with their communities
  • agreeing annual local board agreements (with the governing body) that set annual budgets
  • agreeing and overseeing annual work programmes.

Local boards also:

  • provide local leadership and develop relationships with the community, community organisations and special interest groups in the local area
  • make decisions on local matters, including events, parks, community programmes and local fees and charges
  • oversees facilities in the local board area
  • identify and develop bylaws for their local board area and propose them to the governing body
  • identify and communicate the views of local people on regional strategies, policies, plans and bylaws to the governing body, and provide input to the governing body on any regional decision that impacts on the local board area
  • make decisions on any additional responsibilities delegated by the governing body, such as decisions within regional bylaws
  • provide input to council-controlled organisations' (CCO) plans and initiatives.

Documents and processes

All local boards make decisions and allocate budgets primarily through the following documents and processes.

Local board plans

Local board plans are strategic, three-year plans that are developed in consultation with the community.

You can find current local board plans on each local board's page.

Local board agreements

Local board agreements set out what council will deliver in the next financial year. They are agreements between local boards and the governing body and are included in the Annual Plan or the Long-term Plan.

Local board work programmes

Local boards approve annual operational and capital work programmes for activities over which they have decision-making responsibilities.

A work programme contains specific initiatives and projects in greater detail than what appears in the local board agreement.

Local board work programmes play a critical role in delivering on the needs of Auckland's local communities and are informed by local board plans.

Tuia mentoring programme in 2023

Auckland’s southern local boards are participating in the Tuia mentoring programme in 2023.

The Franklin, Manurewa, Papakura, Ōtara-Papatoetoe and Māngere-Ōtāhuhu boards are all seeking rangatahi keen to join Tuia, a New Zealand-wide programme with local government members selecting young Māori from their areas to mentor to enhance their leadership skills.

Application documents

Meeting rules and procedures

Standing orders for local boards outline the rules and procedures for meetings of local boards. Each board has their own standing orders.

Read these guidelines if you want to speak at a local board meeting or view their standing orders.

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