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He aha tēnei mea te Tangata Motuhake (IQP)?

​What is an Independent Qualified Person (IQP)

An IQP is authorised by us to carry out inspections, maintenance and reporting on a building's specified systems. 'Independent' means they have no financial interest in the building.

​What an IQP is qualified to do

An IQP is a building specialist that we have identified as qualified to:

  • inspect and report on specified building systems, such as fire sprinklers, automatic doors, lifts, smoke detectors, escalators, air conditioning systems
  • follow the requirements set out in your building's compliance schedule
  • supply any other supporting documentation confirming compliance, such as certificates of compliance
  • maintain the systems to perform and operate effectively .

​IQP guidelines and disciplinary code

More information

To register as an IQP, see Register as an IQP.

To find out which documents you will need to submit with your application, see What you will need to register as an independent qualified person.

Contact us if you have any questions about IQPs.

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