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Water permit - bores

Whakaaetanga wai – rau matatiki

A water permit - bores may be required to take or use bore water. Water permits are commonly needed for taking and using ground water for purposes such as irrigation.

What you need to include in your water permit - bore application

  • The location of your drill site and total property area.
  • A map reference in New Zealand Transverse Mercator (NZTM) format.
  • A locality plan or aerial photo at 1.500 scale.
  • Details of the agent, consultant or drilling contractor.
  • Details about how the water will be used.
  • Estimated quantities of water to be taken (maximum daily quantity cubic metres per day and annual quantity cubic metres per year).
  • The number of proposed bores (with separate sheets if there are multiple bores showing the site locations and map references).
  • A site plan including the location of:
    • the proposed bore or well
    • all bores within 200m of the drilling site
    • where the water is to be used
    • existing and proposed underground services, including public drains in close proximity to bore site
    • land use within 50m of drilling site
    • road frontage and names
    • septic tanks, offal pits, potential contaminated sites or waste disposal areas within 150m of the proposed bore or well.
  • The proposed construction details including:
    • bore diameter (casing diameter)
    • bore depth
    • casing depth
    • casing materials
    • depth to top of screen
    • depth to bottom of screen
    • screen materials
    • proposed grouting length.
  • The predominant geology (aquifer) into which the bore will be screened.
  • Information on alternative water sources available (if applicable).
  • Any information if the proposed bore is in:
    • an area known to have flowing or artesian characteristics
    • reasonable proximity of archaeological or cultural features, aspects of significance to Māori or tangata whenua, natural heritage features, geological features, or features with significant natural heritage or conservation values
    • a wetlands management area (as identified in schedule one of the Auckland Council Regional Plan: Air, Land and Water).

How to apply for a bore water permit

 By post

​Send the completed application for water permit - bores form to:

Auckland Council
Private Bag 92300
Auckland 1142

 In person

​Bring the completed application for water permit - bores form to any one of our service centres.