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Auckland Council

Apply for section 224c certificate (subdivision)

Tono tiwhikete wāhanga 224c (wāwāhi whenua)

One of the last steps in the subdivision process is applying for a section 224c (s224c) certificate.

​What an s224c certificate does

An s224c certificate from Auckland Council confirms that a survey plan has been approved under s223 for the subdivision, and that all subdivision conditions have been met.

You need an s224c certificate to request a Certificate of Title from Land Information New Zealand.

When to apply for an s224c certificate

You should apply for an s224c certificate towards the end of the subdivision process, once the survey plan is approved and all physical works have been completed.

When applying, you must demonstrate that you have met all conditions of your subdivision consent.

For a full view of the subdivision application process, see apply for a subdivision resource consent.

How to apply for an s224c certificate

 By post

​Send your completed application form, with all accompanying information, to:

Auckland Council
Private Bag 92300
Auckland 1142

 In person

​Take your application form with all accompanying information to one of our customer service centres.

​Application processing

Due to the processes involved in issuing the section 224c certificate, we cannot give an estimated timeframe.