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Road naming

Whakaingoa rori

Road names provide a clear identification of properties on that road for all users including residents, visitors, commercial services and, most importantly, emergency services. A named road also provides an address which allows for the sale of the property.

Roads that need a name

All public roads need a road name.

You also need to name a private road, private way, right of way, or access lot if six or more sites with an address are accessed off it.

When new roads are created through subdivision or other development, they need to be named.

Road names should generally:

  • be easy to spell and pronounce to help with clear addressing and directions
  • not duplicate, or be confused with, existing road names in the Auckland region - there are approximately 12,500 named roads in the Auckland region with significant duplication of names (i.e. 17 roads named Park)
  • not be offensive or easily corrupted into an offensive or denigrating version.

Road naming guidelines

Our road naming guidelines provide direction to our staff, local boards and mana whenua on the procedures for naming and renaming roads in Auckland.

The guidelines encourage the names to be reflective of the history, culture and identity of an area.

The guidelines outline four principles:

  • Road extents and road types will be clearly defined.
  • Road names will promote public safety and service delivery.
  • Road names will reflect the heritage of an area.
  • Māori road names are actively encouraged.

View a full copy of the road naming guidelines:

Orākei Local Board area road naming guidelines

Orākei Local Board has its own guidelines which are specific to its local board area:

Local board responsibilities and processes

Local boards have decision-making responsibility for the naming of roads.

Once you have submitted the proposed names and provided all relevant information, we draft a road naming report. We then submit the report at the next local board business meeting.

It takes approximately two to three months to receive a formal decision from the local board. This is because of the time we need to review the application, write the political report, and meet local board monthly agendas deadlines.

Our tip

Submit street names for approval as soon as possible after the subdivision consent is granted, to avoid delays before you request certificates of title from Land Information New Zealand.

Before you submit a road name application

We need you to provide us with the following information:

  • The reason for the proposed road name:
    • for a public road to be vested in the council or
    • for a private road where there are six or more lots to be served.
  • The suggested new road names and the consideration behind the choice (the names should reflect environmental, historical and/or existing thematic identity, recognising the unique and/or ancestral linkages to the area).

Our tip

You should provide a minimum of three names for consideration.

'Evidence' documents that you need to provide

  • Evidence that you have consulted other people who live on the road to be named and that the majority (being a minimum of 75 per cent of property owners) support the proposed naming.
  • Evidence of confirmation from NZ Post that there is no duplication in the Auckland region and the name is acceptable to NZ Post. You can get this by contacting the Addressing Specialist at NZ Post on
  • Evidence of consultation with Mana Whenua - see Engaging with Mana Whenua.

More help with submitting a road name application

If you need more help, contact the Consents Facilitator Advisors on 09 301 0101.

Our tip

There may be some instances where a developer needs to engage with the relevant local board before submitting a road name application. This may help the name selection to align with the road naming guidelines and local board expectations.

Local boards may ask you to consult with the local community (e.g. heritage and neighbourhood organisations) over proposed road names. If you have trouble identifying what local board a property belongs to, see local board boundaries.

Make a request for a road name

Contact us on 09 301 0101 and ask to speak to the Subdivision team.

Need help with ideas for names?


Other enquiries regarding road naming

Contact us 09 301 0101 and ask to speak to our Resource Consents Team.