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Resolving items on a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) report

Unresolved items on your LIM report could cause problems when you try to sell your property. Find out what these items are and how to resolve them.

Unresolved items on a LIM report

Unresolved items on a LIM report can include:

An unresolved item on a LIM report can mean that the property:

  • does not meet legal requirements
  • has an open resource consent that has not been signed off.

Open resource consents

An open resource consent on a LIM report means that one or more of the conditions of the consent have not been met.

Resource consents must be signed-off by the relevant council departments. If your LIM report shows that a resource consent is still open, it could mean that:

  • the property needs a final inspection, or
  • we are waiting for more information from you before the consent can be marked as completed or closed.


A requisition is a formal request for a property owner to resolve a land or building issue that makes their property non-compliant with regulations.

The council’s Compliance team adds requisitions to a property file for:

  • a minor compliance breach when formal enforcement action is not taken
  • unauthorised building work that was not carried out by the current owner.

Examples of unauthorised building work are:

Requisitions will show on a property’s LIM report until they are resolved.

Examples of non-compliant issues that could lead to a requisition request include, but are not limited to:

  • not meeting required regulations for a resource consent
  • problems with the property’s plumbing or drainage
  • a property without the relevant permits or consents
  • contamination or flooding at the property
  • any historic issues affecting the property.

You should know

A requisition might be called an ‘outstanding requirement’ or a ‘property characteristic’ on a LIM report.

If you do not resolve a requisition or an open resource consent on a LIM

An unresolved or open requisition or an open resource consent can affect the sale of a property. This is because any incomplete requirements and related costs at the time of the sale become the responsibility of the new owner.

We encourage potential buyers to ask the person selling the property (the vendor) to resolve any incomplete items on the LIM before the sale, or at least discuss the details with them first.

When we can resolve requisitions and close open resource consents

We can only mark consents as complete or close requisitions once all legal requirements are met.

Unauthorised work

We can only close a requisition for unauthorised work at a property when we receive evidence that this work has been removed, or if it complies with the Resource Management Act.

Related fees

We charge fees for:

  • resource consent monitoring - finding out the status of a resource consent and any issues that might be delaying it
  • updating, resolving and removing requisitions.

Once you have resolved the building or land issue to our satisfaction, we will charge you a fee to remove the requisition.

If the matter needing resolution is complex, we will let you know if further fees will apply.

Once all related fees are paid, we will remove the requisition from the LIM.

Fees are based on two hours of either a compliance officer or senior compliance officer’s time.

Visit Resource consent fees and deposits (plus notices of requirement and private plan change requests) for more information about fees.

Contact us about a requisition or an open resource consent

Contact us to request or resolve a requisition, or for information about an open resource consent.

Include your property address, resource consent number and any information that may be relevant to your request in your email, or have them ready to quote if you call us.

We will get back to you with more information within 10 working days.

More information about resource consents

Visit Resource consents for more information about types of resource consents, how to apply, conditions and monitoring.   

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